So everyone seems to be going android especially now that Tecno has come up with a new range of cheap Android phones.
Now we have come up with one of the latest technology to upgrade your Blackberry phone to an Android
The procedure is easy but you have to follow it carefully else you could destroy your phone forever. If you aren’t sure of yourself, give your phone to someone who is tech savvy to follow these steps for you.
The procedure
*Get your blackberry smartphone
ready phone ready. Make sure it is. fully charged
*Throw your phone into the pan and let it heat till it is a crisp golden brown then remove it.
*Take a bath, dress up and go to a Samsung store
*Buy a Samsung Galaxy S4
Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded from Blackberry to Android!
You can now enjoy android like everybody else. Again, make sure you follow the procedure carefully for maximum results. Have fun upgrading!
***(Disclaimer: The writer of this article will take no responsibility for any phones damaged while following this procedure. Using this tutorial is fully at the risk of the reader.)***

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