There is this girl I like, but I just want to fuck her.

She has a boyfriend, but she hasn’t fucked him yet.

I want to be the one to disvirgin her.

We started talking recently but this lockdown created distance between us…

She is in another state. We still talk over the phone and text at night.

She never told me she had a boyfriend until I saw one guy flaunt her pictures on his social media and use love emoji.

I know I shouldn’t have asked but I asked if she had a boyfriend, and she said yes.

She doesn’t flaunt his pictures though. You won’t even know she is in a relationship from her social media.

… But we still talk about sexual matters although it’s me talking more, but she listens.

She likes to form a good girl sometimes, and she is usually hesitant to talk about her sexual desires.

She told me she was a virgin and I’ve told her I find her attractive.

I even make sexual comments about her body, and she laughs.

Recently she told me she is attracted to me, but she doesn’t have romantic feelings for me.

I don’t know what she means by this.

How Should I Proceed, I Fit Fuck This Girl So?

Real niggas in the house abeg give me better advice.

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