11059587_952864904756210_6991159285659233497_nThe name Rolex is no longer a new name in the industry since he  ventured into it professionally after his youth service in the year of 2014 .He graduated from IMO state university in Owerri and since his return from service,he been keeping his musically world blazing after smashing the street with some melodies which includes UDO DI,O’MPA and OBIA LATE which has widespread his name in all eastern state like PH,Owerri,Aba and umuahia which has given him plenty of fans and fame,udo di which was his first song wide spread in ABA because, it was a popular slang over there which means that” there is peace“the song was busy given him fame while also bringing trouble especially when one of the artist in the Daddy stone accused him of stealing his song and it took the intervention of his family and the police to persuade him to leave the song but Rolex who is well known  to be a ball hard guy keeping the ball in his feet  when he eventually jumped at the chance of featuring gentle who is referred as the 2face of the East and the song is tittled AKUNUBA which is yet to be released.11165303_914995818543119_7688462656361910449_n                                                                      The picture of r0lex and gentle

Rolex is lately been seen with other artist which includes EXNEL,X TEN and SIX2boi who is are among the big boys in the city of Aba and he vowed to extend his name across other state when he was spotted along side HYPE MC who is the junior brother to NIGGA RAW11218766_945022035540497_7851315734023534139_nPICTURE OF ROLEX AND EXNEL                                                          

Just like d’banj, Rolex is known to be a fan of Business before pleasure as he extended his trade across 042 when he decided to feature hype MC in one of the track which he titled OLE NKE GI which means “where is your own“which is expected to be dropping on 6th of August which is the day he started his music professionally and the name of the song he recorded on that very day is” udo di” before he smashed the street most download of his songs  titled Obia late which is still hitting every street of Aba, PH,Owerri and other cities11350551_916371541738880_7053900898850145010_nthe artwork of obia late and o’mpa

the fluent English and igbo rapper is been seen along side other 042 artist like Bo-saline splash , slow dog who he announced through his twitter account that they will be recording a hit soon and zoro is been on the list of artist he planned to work with before the year runs out.many has nicknamed him the new phyno because of their look alike and hair style and their pattern of rap which is intellectually organized.

11218525_910053005704067_3998750276274521542_npicture of Rolex and hype mc chilling in Enugu11222910_950967134945987_2529303506082247069_nthe young handsome looking guy who hail from Abia state is well known to be every woman  dream because of his orientation about life and the simplicity of his nature ….he announce to be dropping a single soon titled NDI IRO where he talked about his journey into music and all the encounter which already making him elevate to the to

THE THREE BULLET SONGS to be drop in the month of August are

  1. ole nke gi ft hype mc
  2. AKUNUBA ft gentle
  3. single titled NDI IRO
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