Chris Brownhas a new state-of-the-art homein the San Fernando Valley believed to be worth upwards of $4 million and he has already invited his ex-girlfriend, Rihannato come take a tour of the new crib.
According to reports, she has not decided yet on whether or not she will visit his new pad but sources close to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz that she gave Brown some much needed advice while he was homeshopping.
‘RiRi and Chris are good friends and that is what good friends do, they give each other good advice… She always gives him great advice so it wasn’t surprising when she gave him a few advice based off her own experience buying properties,’ the source told Urban Islandz.
‘He has already invited her over to come and check out his new homebut she hasn’t accepted his invite at least not yet. These two have a romantic history and once paparazzi see anything like the whole internet is going to blow up and both of them just want to focus on their careers and on positive things right now,’ the source added.

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