HKN Frontman, Davido in this interview with Tribune, shares the story behind his success and plans for the future.
At 21 years old, you have been able to put your name and songs on the lips of many and also earned yourself mouth watering endorsement deals. How do you feel?
I didn’t know you would arrive at this question. But let me just say that God has been good to me and I am always thankful for that grace. It has been magnanimous than what I could ever imagine in my life. I feel good right now. I feel very great as well. Nobody else could have made this happen in my life time but God. I also thank my fans out for the massive love and encouragement that they have shown me since the first day I released my first single, Ema Damiduro”, when my name was heard. I don’t think I know how to explain the joy. In fact, let me say I dare not attempt to explain it because the truth is that right now, the only thing I need to say is to say thank you all. Everything is just working out well for me right now and I am very thankful to them and my crew for their support over the years.
Did you expect Aye would be such a massive hit?
I only knew it was a nice song and that people would love it, but I never expected that it would be such a massive hit. I am still surprised that the song has gone that far. It shows that Nigerians know good music and they appreciate beautiful songs when they hear one.
It is believed that you don’t write your songs but that you buy them from others. How true is this?
I write my songs myself. I have never bought songs from anyone since I started out. I don’t buy songs. The inspiration I get to write my songs comes from God. Like I said, when God is working for you, you don’t ask Him how He does his things.
Many are saying that because you don’t appear like someone who could compose the kind of songs you have released in the past two years.
How do you know those people who can compose beautiful songs? Huh? What do they look like sir?
You know people are funny. When they don’t understand you, they come up with stories, with hypothesis. My look has nothing to do with the songs I am capable of writing or singing. God gave me this talent, but it would not have taken me this far if I had not worked hard on it every day and night. For the purpose of setting the records straight, I write my songs myself.
Are you thinking of settling down now?
Nah! Not once has the thought crossed my mind. I am not thinking about that just yet my brothers. Settle down? Now? No, no, not now. I am enjoying music right now. Forget about woman for now, ask me about music.
But you have money. That should motivate you enough to get married.
Money is not everything in life. I don’t even think about money. Money is good and it helps you to handle certain things, but money will not get you a good woman, neither can it buy you happiness. I am happy right now loving what I do best; music. If you are going to get a God-fearing woman, you shouldn’t even think about convincing her with money.
What exactly does music mean to you?
Music is very emotional to me and I care so much about it. It is one thing that I put in my head and my mind every day. I had said to myself before now that it was going to be music or nothing else. I have been working hard over the years, but many people don’t know what Davido has gone through before hitting the limelight. As far as I know, I sleep and wake up with music in my head. Music runs in my vein like blood. Sometimes I ask myself, don’t I need to slow down a bit? But I just want to keep pushing out good songs to the people every time. I want them to know that Davido is here for them anytime.
As an MTN ambassador, what are you expected to do?
am happy about the deal. First of all, MTN knows what is good and goes for it. The company knows how to treat their ambassadors well. I am happy to be with them and that’s why I am endorsed by them in the first place. We do shows and campaigns for the youth. I am comfortable working with the organisation because I enjoy the package that comes with my responsibility as an ambassador for the company, even though it restricts me from playing at other shows. But trust me, I am enjoying it.
What’s your relationship with other MTN ambassadors?
I am cool with all of them. We see each other once in a while at shows and we relate very well. We all get along very well.
What about Wizkid, do you two get along?
I don’t have any problem with Wizkid. We were together at the MTN show last week and we spoke quite well on some issues.
But what is it about you guys that any time you release a song, he also releases almost immediately. Have you noticed that as well?
I don’t know if he does that. I don’t bother myself with what another act is doing. I just want to do my music and give my fans something to talk about. I have never even noticed what you are telling me now. Maybe I will start paying attention to it as from now. It is not about any strategy though.
Tell us about your collaboration with Mafikizolo music group from South Africa
I met them in South Africa sometime back and we got talking since then. I noticed that they are doing great in their country and some parts of Africa, so we got talking and we decided to do a song together. We have also shot the video of the song. The song is already making waves and I know the video too will do well.
What’s new about Davido?
I just dropped my video with Mafikizolo and the launch party was amazing. A lot of people came out to show their support and we all had fun. I am going back on the second leg of my American tour. I don’t think I am dropping an album this year, but watch out for my concert this December. It will shake the entire entertainment industry to its roots. I am bringing in two big entertainment acts from America to Nigeria.
You don’t want us to know?
Not yet bros. Not yet.
You have managed to remain relevant since you hit the limelight with ‘Ema Damiduro’. Do you think you can sustain that height?
It has been God since the day I started. I know God will never let me down and I am counting on my fans to remain relevant too.
Tell us about the HKN label. You are not the only one on the label but you seem to be taking the shine out of your label mates. Are they happy with your rapid development?
I wouldn’t say that. We are all working together for the success of every body. It took me a while before I got to this stage and I know they will also get there. We just dropped B Red’s video and the responses we have been getting are very encouraging. I know they will also get there at the right time.
Who are your friends in the music industry?
D’banj is cool. May D and P Square are cool too. I’m cool with everybody.
P-Square almost broke up recently but they were able to manage the problem. How do you feel about the development?
I feel good for them and I am happy that they didn’t break up. Nobody prayed for them to break up.
But people were saying it was all about publicity stunt, do you think so?
I don’t know about that. I am not concerned about that. I am happy they are still together. It would have been very sad if they had broken up.
How do you find time to relax?
I try to relax when the opportunity comes, but not every time as I have to be on the road regularly for one event or the other. I have fun when I can. I go to the club with my guys and play soccer with my friends once in a while.

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